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13th September 2022

Asian Supply Base (ASB), a fully integrated logistics hub for oil and gas operations, represented Sabah and attended the Oil & Gas Asia with Malaysia Oil & Gas Services Exhibition and Conference and the Petrochemicals Sustainability Conference (OGA x MOGSEC & PSC 2022) for the first time, which took place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

The event, held September 13-15, was co-sponsored by Informa Markets Malaysia, the Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC) and the Malaysian Petrochemical Conference (MPC). It has highlighted opportunities in Malaysia’s various economic sectors related to oil and gas.

It also featured participation from local and international companies such as South Korea, Scotland, Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and North America, and received positive feedback from domestic and international industry players.

ASB Chief Executive Officer, Japar Esteban, told Bernama that the company is trying to explore its potential as a commercial logistics service provider, alongside expanding and diversifying the types of businesses and services at the ASB base. ASB is also poised to expand the size of its existing base operation, which covers an area of 139.61 hectares (345 acres), in response to customers’ growing needs and demands.

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